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Luxury Wood Flooring London
Designer Wooden Floors
Luxury Wood Flooring London
Luxury Wood Flooring London
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Luxe Wood Flooring

Selecting the best luxury wood floor for your house can be a difficult task, as there is so much choice out there. We at Luxe Wood Flooring can help you guide through all the options you have. From Solid hardwood flooring to high quality engineered wood flooring. We pride ourself in only dealing with top of the range product to create that luxurious effect only wood flooring can deliver. Our service goes from checking your property not just for dimensions but seeing what flooring is suitable and guiding you through all the options available.

Highly experienced Wood Floor Fitter

One of the things with wood flooring is that no matter how good the product is it need to be laid well. Our floor fitters deal with our high grade luxury wooden floors, making them very experienced in the product you are after.
There is nothing worse then having a quality product and then have a spoiled effect by bad fitting or just more then needed waste product.

Wood Flooring After care

Though hard-wearing, hardwood flooring will eventually show signs of use. Besides fitting luxury wooden floors we also help to maintain them or if maintenance has been kept of for too long we have experts that can also restore classic wood floors. It is not always needed to replace a broken floor. If there is no structural damage it might be possible to only replace several boards. This only makes sense when the rest is still a good quality wooden floor as finding matching replacement boards can be expensive.

The spirit of your home

Wooden floors add a specific character to any property. Choosing quality flooring helps to keep you happy about your choice. Making the right decision from the start guided by an expert will help you to make sure the flooring fits your style and adds to the overall spirit of your home. So taking time and speaking to a flooring expert is something we would always recommend.


When done right choosing solid hardwood flooring can be an ecological friendly decision. This is because wood is a natural resource that can be regrown and is recyclable is. Of course this is only the case if the trees are replaced and regrown and source is not from illegal sources that cause massive deforestation.

Usually before you talk to the expert you want to know what your options are. That is where our wood flooring guide would come in. This printed guide will show you most of the options available and pre inform you before you speak to an expert. This is perfect if you are currently not sure what you want and want to be prepared before talking to a specialist.